Welcome to Our Little Home Away From Home

It is continually updated, at minimum once a day with new things to download, read, or view. It was designed so you can find information about the team, intro videos, wallpapers, icons, widgets, avatars, tools to help you heist faster, and much more quickly and efficiently. This is not the official site of MacHeist, which you can find here:

"MH3 Bundle Revealed" ScreenCast Download provided by Miah

Official MacHeist Chat Application Beta 2 You can chat with both your team only and/or all of MacHeist. Download it directly from MacHeist here: New Beta 2 Download
Forum thread about it here: MacHeist Chat Mac client public beta 2

For more information visit IRC Information from Purple HQ. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat). We suggest that you use an IRC client/application like X-Chat aqua or Colloquy.

Find us on Twitter.

Signature Color If you want to change your signature color that appears at the bottom of every post you make in the forums: [color=#B538BA]Your clever message goes here[/color]

Surviving in a MacHeist World And finally if you are bored you need to check out MintCreation's very interesting thread: Between MacHeist missions - A survival guide