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With many users realizing that valuable posts may be rewarded with points, we're seeing an abundance of topics created that attempt to offer knowledge or insight to new and existing members. This post attempts to offer knowledge and insight to new and existing members on how to create those posts.

Picking a Topic

This is probably the most important choice. The topic needs to be useful, as well as novel. Obvious choices like heist solutions, or new member guidelines tend to fill up fast, so it's essential to consider your particular skill-set. Many members are able to whip up graphs, and charts and statistics to offer assistance, while others have incredible skill with graphic programs. If you're reading this topic, odds are you don't.

Try to find something that you're good at. Have advice on how to best hold a mouse while doing heists? That's a great post in the making. Got a set of keyboard shortcuts for typing LOL and I agree as responses to posts? Post that. The important thing is that you need to post something, otherwise you won't get points.

Other suggestions for topics include:

How to choose what underwear to wear for MacHeist . Member's guide to chair selection for longer-than-average IRC sessions. Good techniques for sucking up to moderators.

Use of Bold, Colour and Capitalization

As part of any guide, stresses for key points should be achieved by using bold, red colour, and capital letters.

I repeat:


It is very important though not to overuse these techniques. Capitalization, for example, does a great job of bringing attention to points, but if used throughout a whole guide, it makes you look like you're new to the Internet. Since you want to make your advice appear useful, you need to appear like you've learned things during your time online. Ideally, you want one bold, red, capitalized sentence per guide, and bolded topic headings. This makes it appear like you know what you're talking about.

Ideal Post Length

Each informative post needs to be a certain length. Too long and people won't read it, too short and it will look like a normal post. When picking a length, focus more on what you think will get you points than what would actually be useful. For example, even if you only have three points, try to stretch it out into several paragraphs by using easy to construct examples.

Additionally, paragraph breaks are very useful.

So, there you have it. With any luck you too can have a stickied topic at the top of the forum, until they remove it because there are so many gosh darn great posts. Remember, any post can be helpful, but only through carefully constructed topics can you whore yourself out for points.

This post was written by: Wasgo